Solaroof Solution

Hari Om Stone is a stone cuting factory in Renwal Jaipur industrial area, has implemented a forward-looking solution to combat soaring electricity bills by installing a massive 50 kW On-Grid solar system. Faced with substantial energy expenses, the management of Hari Om Stone recognized the immense potential of solar power in reducing operational costs and promoting sustainability. Before the installation of solar panels, the factory’s monthly electricity bill amounted to around 1 lakh rupees. However, since embracing solar energy, the impact has been remarkable. The utilization of the solar system has led to an impressive 70% reduction in the electricity bill, resulting in significant financial savings for Hari Om Stone. This bold and strategic move highlights the factory’s commitment to sustainability and fiscal prudence. By harnessing the power of the sun, Hari Om Stone has not only significantly reduced its reliance on the grid but also contributed to a greener environment by curbing its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the installation of the large-scale 50 kW On-Grid solar system demonstrates Hari Om Stone’s commitment to long-term cost efficiency and its proactive approach to adopting renewable energy solutions. By embracing solar power, the factory has set a commendable example for other industrial establishments, showcasing how renewable energy can lead to substantial financial savings and environmental benefits.

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