Solaroof Solution

Go Solar With Solaroof

Our solar panel installation service provides an efficient and sustainable solution for both domestic and commercial use. Whether you need solar panels for your home, shop, school, hospital, or factory, we have the expertise and experience to meet your unique requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals will ensure a seamless installation process, customizing the system to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings. Join the renewable energy revolution with our reliable and affordable solar panel installation service.

ON-Grid Solar system

On-Grid solar system works with the grid line. Using this you can export the excess power to the grid. Batteries are not used to store electricity in an on-grid solar system. And for this reason, the cost of on-grid solar system is low and maintenance is also almost zero in it. On-grid solar system is used to reduce the electricity bill, and by using this solar system you can reduce your electricity bill by 80%-90%.

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OFF-Grid Solar system

In an off-grid solar system, batteries are used to store excess electricity. By using off-grid solar system you can reduce electricity bill and also get 24*7 power backup. You can use off-grid solar system in places where electricity connection is not available, or power cuts are very frequent.

Hybrid Solar system

Hybrid solar system is a combination of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Hybrid solar systems store excess power in the battery to run the load during power cuts. And also export the excess power to the grid. By using Hybrid Solar System, you can reduce your electricity bill and also get 24*7 power backup.